Welcome to the Rosicrucian Review Website:

Hi, my name is Samuel Robinson and you have reached the Rosicrucian review website.

This website is dedicated to one thing; reviewing the Rosicrucian Orders and uncovering what is really going on inside these secret societies, both as independent Orders and as side-Orders within Freemasonry.

Since their inception in the 1600’s several societies have appeared, each claiming to be the ‘true and authentic’ Rosicrucian Order that revealed itself in 1614 to the public for the first time. This mysteries Order has been the subject of hot debate. Did the Order really exist? What did they really teach? Do any of the modern Rosicrucian societies really have anything to do with the original movement?

On this website you’ll read insider reviews and interviews exposing what these societies really cover. Samuel Robinson is the author who places any Order claiming to be ‘Rosicrucian’ under scrutiny, analyzing just how traditional these Rosicrucian Orders really are in terms of representing the original movement.

The process of reviewing the Rosicrucian Orders is undertaking using Robinson’s Pillars of┬áthe Rosicrucian Tradition, a system which firstly outlines the tradition based on original documentation and ten uses this standard as a scoring system by which to measure the respective Rosicrucian Orders under question.

Samuel Robinson, in his research, has travelled to several countries including Canada, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany and the Netherlands to gain direct access to Rosicrucian members.

Aside from enjoying the Rosicrucian reviews you’ll meet friends and share in mutual exchanges of respect. Although several people within our social community are members of different Rosicrucian Orders this portal is a place where diverse Masonic and Rosicrucian backgrounds participate and cooperate, often forming bonds of trust and even friendship. Feel free to join our social community and introduce yourself.

Now, onwards with learning about the paths that lead to Reconciliation, Reintegration and Regeneration, and examining just how those famous and more secret Rosicrucian societies claim to achieve these levels.

Welcome readers to a sincere quest to uncover the beauty of the hidden Rosicrucian Order.

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