Who is Samuel?

Hello and thanks for visiting my website.

My name is Samuel Robinson and I am a 35 year old mystic and esoteric writer from Australia.

Born in New Zealand within a nature-based Maori community, my background supported a mystical outlook which helped me gain alternative perspectives on the European mystical initiatory traditions. This alternative view cannot be overemphasized enough as many insights and methods here, concerning mystical initiation, esoteric Orders and their symbolic rituals, especially on how to attain enlightenment whilst living within a western mindset, have been refreshed by this outside the box view.

Having been initiated into several esoteric orders, it wasn’t until arriving to Germany that I discovered an underground source of old esoteric teachings, which I felt needed to be shared with the world. This tradition, known as Rosicrucian Pansophy is one of the undiscovered gems of the European Hermetic-Gnosis tradition. This website is possibly the only dissemination of this age old wisdom online.

Pansophy goes right back to the very founders of the Rosicrucian brotherhood and as you shall see, unravels the mystery of Sophia as the Divine Rose of Reconciliation, Reintegration and Regeneration.

Working tirelessly on my own mystical regenerative work, practicing daily exercises for years and even retreating to the Australian outback to undertake this work for three years, I have been able to attain my own vision of how to regenerate the Rosicrucian mysteries in the west. It has become my life’s mission to help bring about a realization of the Adam and Osiris mysteries uniting in the Queen of the Rose.

This journey and process, rooted in visions and gifts, has allowed me to live a charmed life, often being called upon to travel and teach when prompted by the universe, leading the kind of lifestyle that can only be described as blessed, miraculous and guided. Now it’s my turn to guide others as well.

My Story

Starting out with a Maori spiritual up bringing I had learned the native wisdom of New Zealand which stems from ancient Polynesia, the nomads of the sea. I’d like to briefly share something here.

Our traditional tohunga were mystic seers, greatly intuitive and capable in matters of mysticism rarely seen elsewhere. After writing my book ‘Tohunga the Revival’ I felt a sense of contribution to my natural heritage, in ensuring the survival of our tribal wisdom. My great-great grandfather was schooled in the wisdom by his uncle and renown tohunga Teone Taare Tikao, a Maori priest of the ancient school, who was recorded for his oral wisdom in ‘Tikao Talks’ by Herries Beatie in 1926. Our uncle Tikao was born in the 1850’s and school by the last two remaining tohunga of the South Island Maori.

Needless to say I carry a lot of pride in that heritage. Not only is our family tohunga history strong, but I am also the eldest son of the eldest son, going back to my great-great grandfather and Maori chief George Robinson, mentioned here. My father by rights is the present chief of our tribe Irakehu.

It is therefore with a strong sense of fulfilment and belonging to a tradition of profound spiritual property that I write of these ancestors and our esteemed tohunga tradition. Yet, as you can see, I am only half Maori. Thus in finding the Maori spiritual side so complete and fulfilling a contrast arose. I then sought to likewise arrive to the same sense of fulfillment on my European side.

Reading everything I could find and attending seminars was not enough. A lot of teachings reporting to represent European spiritual teachings, but they were new agey at best. It was disappointing.

It was travelling in search of knowledge that led me to uncover the deeper roots of the Western mystical tradition, particularly underground forms of initiation. At first I dedicated myself to the easily accessible forms of initiation, such as the Golden Dawn, Martinism and several other esoteric orders.

Again, they were disappointing, ranging from claiming high intellectual ideas that lacked in spirit, to being all spirit but lacking real teachings. I didn’t want to study dry occultism or hug trees.

Becoming a high initiate of well-known Orders, even protégé of a famous occult figure led me to discover that what was being taught in Orders like the Golden Dawn, Martinism and Freemasonry strengthened people’s egos (badly) as they became hardened and failed to embody qualities of the Holy Spirit.

You see, something begged at my soul. Maori ancestors taught that spiritual gifts, like healing and foresight, were granted by the divine in return for serving: life, community, the ancestors and God. Tohunga teachings state that we are given spiritual power in measurement of our hearts growth.

That lesson stayed with me, and it is what shaped my search in pursuit of a western tradition.

Things were looking bleak, until answering my quest I encountered the Rosicrucian tradition.

Its laws state that they shall heal the sick, and claim nothing more. Its mythos describes the formation of a secret brotherhood that quest in search of knowledge and exchanges ideas in mutual brotherhood.

This raised my hopes and I went to Germany in search of the Rosicrucian brotherhood.


to be continued… 

What is the Rosicrucian Tradition?

Finally, I discovered a mystical tradition which provided clear answers and provided coherent theories towards explaining such miraculous encounters.

To be continued….

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