Ever had the desire to blog? Why wait? Have Your Say and Share Your Views Right Here on This BLOG.

If you’ve ever had an inner desire to start your own blog now is the time to jump in and join in an upcoming community event. For the first time like minded Rosicrucians are coming together to form a cooperative effort to demonstrate our best teachings/ideas on one SHARED BLOG.

So far Rosicrucians from different walks of life and societies have presented their commentaries here, sharing their views on each of my blog post. Each person who has shared so far represents a different strain of the Rosicrucian tradition and this blog is proof that yes, we can all get along.

The next level for developing the Rosicrucian community is to create a shared blog.

A shared blog is an exchange between bloggers who share their posts on one central blog. All of those writers agree to contribute material, posting updates and blog posts as time suits them, and generally support each other in creating a wider fan-base audience of readers. This method is just powerful.

Therefore I am opening up my Rosicrucian blog on this website to allow any serious people like yourself to become bloggers, share your ideas, and have your say on anything Rosicrucian.

Maybe you have ‘something left in the basement’ as Rocky Balboa put it. You might feel an urge that while you might not wish to write a book, perhaps there is something you wish to share concerning world mysteries, the mysterious world of the ancients, and want to express your views on initiation.

I am hereby inviting YOU

Contact me to become a blogger on my website. Every member joining gets to share, comment on others’ post and generate fans and following. What’s more you get peer support and recognition.

There are no formal rules here, as we are all mature minded people and because of that the only guideline being set down is that posters keep in mind that keeping the peace is important.

We are not here to slander other orders or teachers, so if it doesn’t help anyone constructively, simply don’t write it. Simply share your best thoughts, any interesting teachings you come across, updates for your book or book reviews on interesting titles. In general just share discoveries you have uncovered towards the Rosicrucian mystery. Certainly not all blog posts will agree on all points, as each writer will have their own take on things, so keep it simple and avoid arguments. Do each other a favor by referencing each other, linking to each other’s posts and complimenting each other’s findings.

I am inviting you to become a blogger right here on this platform because I believe serious Rosicrucian writers are a rare gem, if not a needle in a haystack. We are not like the Golden Dawn with new orders seemingly rolling out by the week, so we have to stick together, unite our voices to become effective.

uncle Sam

So Here is What You Get

Starting your own blog takes time and effort. In order to launch one you need to start a Facebook Fanpage, learn how to use WordPress, install all the widgets, get website hosting, buy a domain; the list goes on. It takes time you don’t have. In contrast here is what I am willing to do for serious applicants:

  • I will put all your text in an attractive format for your blog post.
  • I will do the layout of your blog post.
  • I will put the pictures of your choosing into your post.
  • If you don’t have pictures I’ll add a few.
  • I will do the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Google for your blog post.
  • I will announce your blog post on my Fanpage.
  • I will do all this for free.

Yet these are not the only benefits.

The real power of shared blogging comes in bouncing off each other. Take for example a post done by myself that goes viral throughout the esoteric community. People will like the Facebook Fanpage, or sign up for RSS feeds and might happen to browse through the blog looking at other post. That means you get exposure and more traffic and readers to your own blog post. With a group of shared bloggers it gets very powerful, the Fanpage grows faster, more people read your content in an escalating effect.

All your blog post will be launched on my Fanpage, which means more exposure.

Selection Criteria

Ok, so you’ve seen what you get, but what do I want? Here is what I am looking for in a blogger; contact me if you are interested in starting a blog or writing on the following topics:

  • Martinism
  • Solar Christ Mystery
  • Mystical Christianity
  • Jacob Boehme
  • Rosicrucian currents of Freemasonry
  • Paul Foster Case
  • World Mysteries; such as:
  • Pyramids, Cathedral Mysteries, Atlantis, Tombs, Myths
  • Kabbalah
  • Hermeticism
  • Alchemy
  • Gnosis
  • Anything Rosicrucian
  • Rosicrucian Histories
  • Amorc/SRIA/RR et AC/Rudolf Steiner etc.


 Contact me if you are interested by clicking on the image below.


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