Part 1 an Introduction to Reviewing the Rosicrucian Orders

There are so many Rosicrucian Orders out there for newbies it’s becoming hard to choose which organization might best suit them and their own spiritual pursuits. So let’s solve that problem.

One of the things I have always wanted to do is properly review each of the orders acting under the mantle of the ‘Rosicrucian’ name. There are enough orders out there after all, some of them appear competitive or at least share enough similarities that it would be helpful to readers and new seekers alike if indeed they could better distinguish between these fine brotherhoods.

So the time has come to put this idea into action and launch it with today’s announcement.

Stay tuned on this blog for the Reviews of the Rosicrucian Orders

JudgesOver the next few months I’ll take measures to carefully judge and review each of the various Rosicrucian Orders.  I will review their strengths and weaknesses and the materials they offer.

The Rosicrucian Orders I shall review will either be entirely Rosicrucian in name, (such as the Society of Rosicrucians in Anglia) or have Rosicrucian elements such as the Golden Dawn and Martinism. In particular I shall pay particular attention to the following orders:

  • Amorc
  • Confraternity of the Rose Cross
  • Martinist Order
  • Rosicrucian Fellowship
  • Lectorium Rosicrucianum
  • Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Rosicrucian Inner Order)
  • Society of Rosicrucians in Anglia
  • Society of Rosicrucians in America

I may have missed a few Orders worth reviewing so if you think of any please do leave a comment on my blog post below in the comments section. Using a star/points rating system is going to be the best means here, so each of the Orders will be awarded points based on their measured performance. At the end of this series I will also offer a surprise bonus by revealing some insider accounts/interviews from two little known Rosicrucian Orders:

  1. The Cromlech Temple
  2. Les Villiers of of Schwaller de Lubicz

Here is how I am going to do the Rosicrucian Order Reviews:


In order to properly kick off the reviewing of the above respected Rosicrucian Orders I believe a standard is required by which to appropriately MEASURE their qualities.

Therefore I shall continue in the next post by establishing ‘what is Rosicrucian, and what is not,’ utilizing the original Rosicrucian manifestos as landmarks. For those readers who do not know what landmarks are; they are typically used with Masonry as signpost for what constitutes a recognized and accepted order. By careful observation of the Fama, the Confession and the Chemical Wedding of CRC, being the primary documents of the early 1600’s that sparked the Rosicrucian movement we can better gauge how closely todays’ Rosicrucian Orders resemble that tradition they are intended to embody.


Amazon has established a star rating system for their products. I’ll try to implement a star rating application to allow readers to also vote and have their say. Now people can get a bit emotional and heated when their favorite source of wisdom is dissected. That understandable, especially if it has done them a lot of good and helped them meet friends and form life-long rewarding bonds. My reviews are not going to be subjective, I will surgically approach these reviews using the landmarks method.

The landmarks will provide criteria for indication, and each Order will be measured and awarded a score in terms of how much they fulfill and embody those Rosicrucian landmarks.

In total an Order can be awarded up to 100 points.


Let’s not just use this as a platform to discredit other societies we do not view in the same light as our own. Up to two members of those orders will be invited to share a small paragraph or two in order to have their say. They can be as subjective as they like, as their role is to just share how being a member of that order has benefited them, what it has taught them and how it has changed them.


Every Order has something special. Some orders have better monographs, some have stronger links to alchemy and are deeply rooted in a real historical tradition. In recognition of what makes each order special up to 20 points will be awarded for their X-Factor score. This is where it gets interesting because this is the wildcard where any Order can win extra points for outright originality and excellence.


The last section will be provided from myself and peers who come from various Rosicrucian Orders and backgrounds. I have found them mature and level headed enough to provide feedback.  We shall debate and cross examine the review within a private group and provide the final result on my blog. We shall conclude with how each Order might be able to improve their score based on the landmarks set out.

Rosicrucian DJThank you for reading my introduction to ‘Reviewing the Rosicrucian Orders.’ Any feedback is welcome, and if you would like to contribute and be one of the members who wants to participate and provide a paragraph or two on your experience in that order feel free to contact me.

Next blog post: Part 2 Landmarks for Reviewing the Rosicrucian Orders. So stay tuned for my Rosicrucian Order Reviews 🙂

Your friend on the path,

Samuel Timoti Robinson

Grand Hierophant of the Mystica Aeterna

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