Why Those Rejecting These Reviews
are Probably JUST Stuck in One Approach

Dear friends,

We are winding up to the final installment of the Golden Dawn Review, but first a post with some considerations on where we are in terms of Reviewing the Rosicrucian Orders in general.

Something quite interesting has happened on this blog. It has to do with folks feeling attacked.

Quite a few folks rated the Pansophy score for the G.D badly, as if to say it somehow should have scored better in that area, or perhaps they just don’t like seeing something as ‘all powerful’ in their eyes rated badly at anything. I don’t know. What I do know is that if you don’t like the results of any of these pages, don’t just kick up dust, actually PROVE otherwise with evidence based arguments.

This goes equally for Amorc students who aren’t happy with my Amorc Review. A few did come forwards and try to show that Amorc has supplementary monographs on Qabalah and Hermeticism. I did take a look and found those materials to be extremely bland, the point being that even the Theosophical Society of Blavatsky wrote better articles, and they aren’t even Rosicrucian.

The scoring system for these reviews is based on seven key documents. For proving evidence to strengthen or weaken my reviews please put forwards hard based evidence to help shift the scores. It is after all a community effort, as many have helped formulate the reviews, and the reviews themselves really are a SERVICE to new students and hopefully the entire R.C community.

I’m all ears and will consider any valuable points towards building a greater picture.

Pansophy itself seems to be the new kid on the block because so few have heard of it, and most already knew that Trinosophia (magic, Cabala, alchemy) and Christosophia were essential.

On my part, I have tried my best to argue that Pansophy was essential to the Rosicrucian Tradition. This series has gone over its utopian quest, the vision for reformation of the Rosicrucians, and the fact that Pansophy wasn’t just about education after all, it actually meant Hermetic-Theosophy, covering very specific symbols, such as the goddess restoring the broken sword or phallus.

Unfortunately, for occult groups, that only want to be occulty, Pansophy isn’t going away.

Pansophy is an integral part of the Rosicrucian Tradition and only a fool would brush it off when dealing with things Rosicrucian. Unfortunately for the Golden Dawn there is a ‘lobby’ of so called ‘thought leaders’ have their own agenda, which has two aims:

  1. Pretend that Pansophy is just utopianism so they don’t have to deal with it, or even pretend that the manifestos had nothing to do with the City of the Sun utopias.
    1. Unfortunately; the three ‘ Pansophic Manifestos’ being the Mirror of Wisdom, Pandora and Pegasus clarify that Pansophy is an alchemical Sophianic mysticism. Even Jacob Boehme did a Pansophic Tree of Life diagram for his Sophianic mysticism.
  2. Pretend that the Golden Dawn wasn’t Rosicrucian really, and did not ultimately lead to an inner Rosicrucian Order, but instead is meant to be a ‘magical Order’ only.
    1. Unfortunately; having a giant Rosicrucian tomb is quite a serious thing. The name of your inner order is the RR et AC. The cipher manuscripts were said to be transmitted from German Rosicrucian Adepts, and your symbol is the Rose Cross.
  3. Amorc students on the other hand want to deny the manifestos and the work there outlined, totally ignoring magic, Cabalah, and alchemy and Christian mysticism, instead replacing the manifesto tradition with Egyptian symbols and a supposed Egyptian pharaoh origin story.
    1. Unfortunately; There were no Egyptian histories to the Rosicrucians before Amorc came on the scene. Some refer to the legend of the Egyptian sage Ormus, but it was actually used by Orders, like the GuRC and Memphis Rite, in order to Christianize occult workings that they felt were too Hermetic and not Biblical enough. There was no history of any Rosicrucians prior to Amorc linking back to Akhenaton, but it did make for great marketing for attracting new students. The lessons written by Harvey Spencer Lewis largely drew from William Walker Atkinson, who was into eastern mysticism and ‘vibration and breath’ teachings, calling it universal

I dare say many are just afraid of hard work and going beyond their comfort zone.

Rosicrucianism is more than the Golden Dawn. It is definitely more than Amorc. It is YES more than Rudolf Steiner. Shock horror as all that may sound. Rosicrucianism is just BRILLIANT as it is.

Rosicrucianism is magic, and therefore everything the Golden Dawn has.
Rosicrucianism is mysticism, and therefore all that Amorc has.
Rosicrucianism is Christian mysticism, and therefore all that Steiner and Martinism has
Rosicrucianism is Pansophic, alchemical, therapeutic…

And will blow your brains out if you’re not careful and try to grab hold of it all at once.

It is THE BROAD AND GREAT Tradition of the West.

Given that Rosicrucianism is all these things, it is likely beyond the SCOPE of any single Order, and each Order shows just one angle of approach. This goes to show the vastness of the R.C current.

Would that I could be all these things. But who the hell can. 🙂

This is exactly why Amorc did badly in the magic score. And why the Golden Dawn did badly in the Pansophy score. It takes maturity to realize bad ratings are not an attack but point to something greater, something I hope all of us will start to embrace as brothers and sisters of this one Great and Broad Path of Rosicrucian Wisdom.

Anyhow, it’s not like you’re a child and I’m saying you’re missing a toy crane in your sand pit.

If you do find yourself becoming annoyed at a review, is it because you feel I’m attacking your Order? Does that mean YOU are your Order? Or that you associate yourself with it? If you are attached to the Order, does that mean you prefer the actual Order rather than the greater Rosicrucian tradition?

Is it even good to be attached to an Order? I imagine that every person is so unique that the path is far more individual and each person must draw from a wider range of inspiration…

Or are you still annoyed at my Rosicrucian Reviews? If so, DO something about it. Help our community improve the reviews by adding more knowledge and insights. I don’t mean here just complaining without justification. If you do know better, if you have some important evidence to share, then by all means, let’s make sure that new students get the best reviews possible.

Have your say, get involved and let’s shape the greater picture together.

Samuel Robinson

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