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Something written way back in the mists of time(July 23, 2006); thought it good to share again here & now.

Greetings in Light of Divine Grace!

melchizedek_angelicThe last few days have been sunny and hot in Southern B.C.(Pacific Coast Canada). Sometimes it is cloud and rain here for weeks on end, but, now, the Clear Blue Sky is revealed…….

Some thoughts on Gnostic Salvation:

A host of negative cosmic forces in this world diabolically convinces the minds of human beings that “this dualism is all there is.” Commonly, we are cunningly doped into moving around on the planet truly believing in perceived inadequacy and total subjectivity to karmic fate. From these beliefs- solid, tangible materialism is clung to via egoic consciousness.

Emptiness arrived at through dualistic means spawns a definite reluctance to seek and accept Fullness found within Emptiness. The Song of the Pearl, read in a kind of metaphysical sense, intends to break down the fearful ignorance behind this reluctance.

Moving through the Tale:

In the Primordial realm of Life there is Unity within the Holy Palace of Divine Mother-Father(Sophia-Logos). The jewelled Robe is on.

The long journey of constriction of manifestation from the Holy Palace to the material realm requires that the Robe be removed.

The ungarmented soul must evolve through the gratings of duality. The Keter-Malkhut line where “the end is imbedded in the beginning” at the point of infinity. Nearness to Emanation; Emanation to Nearness. Unity must be found hidden in duality.

Putting on the robe of the ignorant, the “deep sleep” begins.

The “snorting serpent” of egoic consciousness guards the “Pearl” of Emptiness.

The “Pearl” has multiple spiritual dimensions where, once the “serpent” is subdued, deeper and deeper Understanding of Emptiness can unfold; closer and closer one draws to Fullness.

The most dazzling and Alive Robe of Gnosis is received; Light-presence and Light-power.

Once donning the amazing Robe, it is possible to “see” the reflection of Knowing beyond the mind’s grasp(Chakhmah Consciousness) with Understanding(Binah Consciousness). Hence, joining two levels of the soul with one “Robe.” Ours and Divine Mother/Father’s(Christos’) voidness become One – Salvation; Enlightenment; Liberation.

The end is as the beginning within the Holy Palace at the Center.

The jeweled Robe is on.

The Tale is complete.

I believe many meet up with the “Pearl” in this world but have not subdued the “serpent” through Faith and labour, therefore, cannot hear their Name being called by “noble messengers.” Unfortunately, the “Pearl” is not Recognized, Realized, and Understood in most situations. May the Grace of Sophia “move mountains!”

A few statements of thoughts is certainly not the whole of Reality; I am sure there are many other interpretations of The Song of the Pearl besides this one. A translation of the text can be found in The Gnostic Bible (Barnstone/Meyer).

May the Holy Mother Sophia awaken us to the Infinite Beauty of Gnosis; may we travel closer and closer to our Home! Amen.

Beyond belief!


As said in words on Supernal Zelem,

Being immersed in an evolution of consciousness, Being of the Becoming, yes, we have everything we need as we are, but, is only a potential if there is no labour toward self-realization, or an actualization of our True Divine Potential.

Potential not realized within a particular lifetime hasn’t occurred, therefore, we are only able to carry with us and express consciousness realized.

(November 27, 2011)

Here some may see/hear that the labour needs not be labour only a pure flowing of love & compassion. The following is an excellent passage from The Root Tantra of Kunjed Gyalpo, Dzogchen:

“Then the supreme source, pure and total consciousness, explained that the vehicles based on cause and effect err by following a gradual path and consequently they constitute a deviation and a hindrance in terms of total perfection.

Listen, great being[Sattvavajra]! Just this nature of pure and total consciousness is the ultimate essence of all that exists. Never having been born, it is totally pure and unhindered; as it cannot be achieved by treading a path, it has no deviations; spontaneously perfect from the beginning, it cannot be an outcome of a quest. Yet by conceiving this single pure and total consciousness, the universal essence, in terms of multiplicity, deviations and hindrances arise. Treading a path to reach what cannot be reached by treading causes deviation; seeking to understand conceptually that which cannot become an object [of thought] causes the hindrances that obstruct understanding.”


(November 27, 2011)

Pearl of Great Price!

(February 2, 2012


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