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Today I wish to set us apart as Rosicrucians from other paths. Every seeker will sooner or later come across magical paths of western spirituality. Some readers here have already studied ‘magick’ and tried those methods. Magic-k with a ‘k’ denotes the esoteric art of magic practiced by occultist. By their art they generally imply that they use rituals or occult means to manifest some sort of outcome which should change their lives, be that more money or success… Indeed some will have noticed that at times the Rosicrucians indeed share similar practices and even similar rituals with those who practice the magical path. Yet we have to be clear here, as to the difference, because:

Magic is not Rosicrucian and no Rosicrucian practices magick


There is no such thing as Rosicrucian Magick

Magic in itself is boomingly popular today and it’s no wonder in this age of fast food and fast communications through social media. People are naturally attracted to anything that offers a quick fix.

I am not referring to stage tricks or show magicians, but rather to the modern idea that people can practice occult exercises to manifest some material outcome, be that more money, more friends, or even attracting the opposite sex. Yes, it’s true. People practicing the magical arts sometimes even attempt to influence and manipulate others through the use of magical spells and rites. So not only does the question of karma come into play but also its moral implications.

We have all seen the ‘how to’ books on magick and entire occult Orders claiming to teach magick.

It is kind of ironic because most of what they teach is highly astral and doesn’t extend to realizing their results in terms of receiving blessings and miracles from the divine, nor do we hear much of spiritual appearances which help instigate transformative initiation. Instead they tend to focus on doing magical rituals to control spirits and forces which govern different aspects of human life, be that employment, love, learning, family and confrontations. Don’t get me wrong, a few of them cross over to the spiritual path and dabble in both worlds, having an interest in both the material changes as well as the spiritual changes such methods may bring. However being Rosicrucian excludes doing magick with a ‘K.’

I am mostly generalizing here, yet all in all most magical practitioners intentionally do magical rituals to change their outside world. My speculation might be that perhaps they are weak individuals, and perhaps they are too lazy to go through the courageous process of creating that change for themselves, building upon their own wits, skills and personality, thus rising to the cause to really achieve whatever it is they are after. Certainly everyone wants change. Everyone wants something to happen. They just use occult rites to move things along. We Rosicrucians do not, apart from one thing…

Yes this is what sets us apart, as the Rosicrucian wishes to manifest no outer outcome in his or her life using occultism. The Rosicrucian focus is spiritual and the change we seek is internal. We wish to be better mothers and fathers, better friends and community members. We wish to contribute and believe that if we grow with the power of love and compassion, we shall flower from that, and our lives will change as a consequence of our wits, skills and personality, and our whole being.

This is the long road perhaps, but the road travelled is a worthy-journey, which is why we term spirituality a PATH. And, along the way perhaps a few miracles will manifest, and a few spiritual guides will show themselves, and we might benefit in some way, and we will count these as a blessing.

I did mention that there is but one exception to this rule. The manifestos state that we profess nothing other than to heal the sick. And what is healing and how broad may that be applied?

Illness is the result of disharmony and healing is the bringing of that situation into harmonization and balance. Therefore the only manifestation it appears Rosicrucians are permitted to do in terms of actually changing people’s lives is: healing and the manifestation of more harmony.

And who couldn’t do with a little more harmony?

Harmony may be found in music, art and poetry for certain, and when using occult means we might pray, use meditations, and connect with our surroundings and attune with our environment and local habitat, carefully listening to the birds and rustling of the trees. In this is a great music that helps harmonize us, because we are being strum like a cord and IAO-Nous is the Divine Musician, resonating harmonic waves through all creation. Yes we may practice one pursuit of a material outcome using occult means, so that through spiritual exercises we may manifest more harmony, not only for ourselves but also for all humanity, and even the entire planet, if it would only be within our power.

Consider how this wish for harmony to appear isn’t for me or you personally. It is for everyone. It is a fount of regeneration for all. It is the ideal of all health and happiness as well as the reason behind law.

Thus, as Rosicrucians we may on the other hand say: using magick to manifest anything other than harmony is rooted in egoism.

Ultimately, one heals and the other hurts. The magick hurts one’s own spiritual development, because it shortcuts the way to get things done or realized in the real life, thus removing the need for character development and any skills normally required in the outcome.


LOVE SPELL Kit – This is not us

If you don’t know what I mean, imagine someone who actually manipulated another with magick to find ‘love’ whereas normally we need to learn correct behavior in terms of what is socially acceptable during the process of courtship, as well as how to put on our natural charm. Magick removes the need to learn and let’s be honest all you magicians reading this: such learning is natural and healthy, and as with all things in life, Rosicrucians believe that one’s success is rewarded to the extent of one’s development.

So yes, let us define today the Rosicrucian path as non-magical. We wish to only grow internally, and if we wish to manifest anything outwardly, let it be more harmony, which is the basis of all healing.

And hey, this idea didn’t start with me. It is mentioned in the Fama and has more ancient roots:

The Greeks believed Godhead was beyond human comprehension, but the attainment of harmony brought human beings as close to the divine as possible, and they called this ‘likeness,’ meaning that to have harmony, was to be like IAO-Nous. This vision is beautiful, and everyone can benefit from more harmony, in their lives, at work, with family and perhaps someday society will have harmony with nature. Everything about this harmony is divine and an ideal for all Rosicrucians and while we may not understand everything in life, we know that if paradise is to manifest on earth, it would be harmonious.

Rejecting magick as a method for manifesting outcomes is the future of our Rosicrucian Order. We need to take a stand and we need to proclaim in unified voices our rejection of such a materialistic form of occultism. (Magick was only inserted into one Rosicrucian Order by Macgregor Mathers, who I might add went quite mad) We don’t need to ‘change’ our circumstances using magick. Rather we face life knowing that everything in life happens for a reason and that is a warming comfort, because:

Whatever we have around us in our lives at any time IS THE lesson.

All our circumstances, our predicaments and problems playing out in our lives are faces of a divine comedy playing out, and we are the main character and more importantly, the main student. Life is the Rosicrucian classroom, the sky the temple ceiling and the earth the floor. We don’t need to change anything exactly, and if we do it is because the challenge is there to help us develop enough to outgrow the problem. The Rosicrucian accepts life with resignation, accepting the lesson of the moment.

Everyone becomes the teacher in the classroom of the world. It reminds me of the Sufi practice in Egypt, whereby Sufis will greet poor beggars upon the street saying ‘Hello my Lord, Oh worthy King,’ as a practice, done in order to better help them see the teacher and IAO-Nous in everyone.

This vision of what the Rosicrucian Order encompasses (and does not) is important as we take a stand today. I believe there is a trend amongst magical folk, especially within occult Golden Dawn hybrid orders with Rosicrucian elements, that many of their members now prefer to worship, practice mysticism and seek enlightenment as opposed to trying to use magick as a means of manifesting material outcomes. Sure they use occulty-type rituals but you gotta call it for what it is.

This is why its high time people stop calling themselves practitioners of the magical path.

For those of you reading this, who have been a practitioner of the Rosicrucian Order teachings for several years, all of this might seem obvious. For others it is not. This is why we have to become outspoken against a major misconception. Rosicrucian magick does not exist.

‘Rosicrucian Magick’ – this word is an Oxymoron

This distinction between the Rosicrucian path and the Magical path might help:

Rosicrucian Path

Magical Path

Seeks enlightenment

Soul driven

Manifest harmony


Develops character

Accepts circumstances

Receives blessings


Often heals

Resolves the cause

Considers Community

Dissolves ego


Desires love




Invokes higher angelic entities


Good karma

Love is the answer

Divine worship

Seeks satisfaction

Ego driven

Manifest material outcomes

Quick fix

Shortcuts self-development

Controls circumstances

Forces into action


Often hurts

Solves the symptom

Self-gain is priority

Hardens ego


Desires sex


Short sighted


Evokes demons and spirits


Bad karma

Power is the answer


So, remember, the next time you talk about the Rosicrucian Order and its teachings, be sure to do your best to help people understand the difference. We might use similar tools, implements, rituals and initiations. Yet, the difference is now clear. Let’s stick together and help voice what Rosicrucians are.

Your friend along the path,

Samuel Robinson

Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order of the Mystica Aeterna

Rosicrucian Commentaries

This section offers commentaries on my blog post from Rosicrucian brothers and sisters from other Rosicrucian Orders. Deriving from several branches of the Rosicrucian Order this section brings us together in a new incentive, started right here at the Mystica Aeterna, in order to help develop sharing and community throughout our beautiful tradition, no matter our differences, forming us into one Rosicrucian brotherhood, of connection, compassion and sharing.

Nick Farrell – Golden Dawn


The idea that Rosicrucianism is nothing to do with magic is alien to the Golden Dawn, its successors and indeed many early Rosicrucians!  It is popular among the masonic flavours of Rosicrucianisn to distance themselves from magic. It is part of the same belief structure which says that talking about occult things is ok, it is just important never to do them.
The Golden Dawn insisted that its magical system be encompassed with the Rosicrucian system. In fact, you could not be a magician unless you were a Rosicrucian in the Golden Dawn eyes. The Rosicrucian vault is a compendium of all knowledge and that includes magic and it is inconceivable to have Rosicrucianism without magic.
How this is possible if magic is only practiced by self-centred ego maniacs? The short answer is that real magic is so far removed from what many in the magical tradition preach that it is not surprising that many quasi-masonic Rosicrucians are confused. Magic is not carried out at the direction of the ego, but through the merging of the personal will with the Divine Will. The lower self, which drives the “play magicians” of the outer orders, cannot get a look in to such systems.
A magical ritual is allowing yourself to be a co-creator with God. You are channelling divine energy to create a universe which is more in accord with the needs and wants of the Divine Mind.
The Divine Mind, like the Vault of CRC, encompasses everything and thus a hardworking magician does not have the option of sitting and thinking nice thoughts all the time. Life is not nice and if you are to be a true servant of the Divine Mind you have to get your hands dirty. Jesus did not spend his time talking to the priests and philosophers, but spent most of his time with whores and tax collectors.  There are times when a magician has to deal with “darker forces” because, at the end of the day, they are still part of God and still have a function.
In fact, I would argue that much of the psychosis that exists amongst the esoteric field generally is caused because people are not prepared to look their shadows in the eye and are only interested in fluffy views of the benign, and banal aspects of religion. Darkness not understood does not go away and as a person moves close to the light it becomes even more powerful.
Magic is not an easy path. In fact using Magic within a Rosicrucian framework is one of the hardest spiritual paths possible. It might be chosen by those who want a quick fix, but they are universally disappointed. Learning and studying magic and above all living it is beyond anyone who thinks it is an easy way out. In fact it is one of the reasons that many Golden Dawn followers leave after they have obtained their first Rosicrucian grade and are taught real magic for the first time.
Equally, life has its good and bad and saying that “Rosicrucianism” is only good means that it is failing to cover all aspects of life. Saying that it is against magic is like saying it is passive and does nothing to influence the universe but endorses escape. There is nothing in the lives of famous Rosicrucians which suggests that this was the case. You find Rosicrucians all working for the good of their society using magical science; often alongside “exoteric science.”
Rosicrucian magic is a vibrant and useful tradition and much maligned, usually by those who fail to see its importance.  It is an easy target because there are so many wack-jobs out there.  Then there are wack-jobs in any tradition and we do not base our prejudices on their actions.

Paxton Knight – Kabbalistic Rose Croix


Rosicrucian Magick – two terms that can be synonymous with quackery or fraudulence;  two words that can be applied to such a wide spectrum of practices, techniques and philosophies that they easily become a ubiquitous ambiguity; a lofty label in some cases and a discount sale-rack price tag at other times.  I do think it important to stress that in the blog above, the author makes a slight error by utilizing the spelling of MAGICK when his descriptions and references appear to be more consonant with the definition of MAGIC  (e.g. rituals/rites performed for physical manifestations or to manipulate nature for purely selfish reasons).
Yet, modern magick and the theurgical rites are essentially investigative procedures by which one peers into the more subtle strata of the universe in order to witness how certain unseen universal forces operate within one’s life.  This is an act of becoming conscious of what we are incessantly exposed to unconsciously.  Yet as the operator continues to engage upon their ritualistic work, it is assumed that the underlying unity behind the various forces being invoked will become painfully obvious.  This understanding leads to the awareness of the prima materia which is at the center of all the imaginable forces.  From a Kabbalistic perspective, the Aur (Light) is the prima materia and its specialization or restriction into distinct separate quality is called Keli (vessel or recipient; this is the root of the word Klipah/Kilppoth the infamous realm of the shells or demons).  The combination of the Light and the Vessel create what is called a Sephira.  The Aur is the emanation of the Unknowable that has the Will to Bestow, while the Kli has the Will to Receive.  As this follows down a cosmic ladder or chain of progression, the end product is the manifested universe to which conscious humanity is placed precariously at the center with both the Will to Receive and the Will to Give.  In the perspective of the Kabbalah, humanity also has an ability which no other creature of manifestation has:  freedom of choice.
This leads back to my original statement regarding the eventual awareness developed by a practitioner of magick.  One eventually grasps that creation is continuous and that the only real truth is God.  We have the choice to see this which is equivalent to illumination or we can remain ignorant which is living in darkness.
I believe the Rosicrucian current has this same understanding at the core of their belief system, even though the process might not very well be similar.  As was stated in Lindgren’s The Way of the Rose Cross:  their theology “built on esoteric truths of the ancient past”, which, “concealed from the average man, provide insight into nature, the physical universe and the spiritual realm.”  These subjects are identical to those that are studied, explored and utilized by the Kabbalist and the Magician.  There is the desire to receive the Light so that illumination may occur not just for the self alone because the knowledge of the literal darkness of the egoic condition begins to shatter.
From this fallen state of being, a “Reformation” of humanity is sought according to the Rosicrucian ideology and this is identical to the Kabbalistic concept of Tikkun Olam or World of Restoration.  God is all and humanity is in the place to comprehend this, thus the only rituals performed, the only healing that can occur is the revelation of the Aur.  This is arguably the only conclusion any upon the path might reach:  all magick in essence must be performed for the sake of the conscious awareness of the relationship between the manifest (Malkuth) and the unmanifest (Keter). But for what purpose? Simply put that Malkuth may become Keter.  The Kabbalistic axiom is “The Will to Receive in Order to Give.”

RLDIII Confraternity of the Rose Cross

Coming soon.RDLIII







John Daniele – Society of Rosicrucians in Anglia

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Telemachus- Martinist Order


What a great article! This is the eternal debate of magick vs Theurgy. Indeed there is no such thing as Rosicrucian magic. The Theurgist follows the fourfold path of cleansing, petitioning, receiving and finally acting upon what he/she has received.  We ask to receive the cleansing action of the Holy Spirit that can only come and act if we ask it to, as in ask and it shall be given. In that way we move from faith/belief to Certainty. It is this very peculiar and refined certainty that allows us to make one step closer to own inner heart, and realise that He is closer to us than our jugular vein.

Peregrin Wildoak – Golden Dawn


I am not sure you will find many magical folk agreeing with this article. While I am in complete agreement regarding the table towards the end, as a summation, I am not sure we can jettison the word ‘magic’ from Rosicrucian halls yet. After all it is the actions, not the words, and there are Rosicrucian folk more aligned to the left hand of the table who do call themselves ‘magicians’. And there are non-magicians who definitely practice on the right of the table.

I am reminded of Gareth Knight’s wonderful autobiography from Skylight Press -‘I Called it Magic’. He clearly states that what he calls ‘magic’ is called by many other names. Gareth is very much on the left hand side of this table, as his five decades of service shows, but he calls it ‘magic’. I am not sure he would call himself a Rosicrucian or not (but then no one should publicly, anyway) – but the point I think is clear.

I am constantly shocked and appalled at the number of RR et AC adepts I correspond with, even at even 6=5 folk, who have not even read the Rosicrucian Manifestos! It amazes me, as they are our clear foundation stone.

I have long struggled with the word magic; simply because most magicians are wankers and the right side of the table is valorised to an unhealthy degree in our communities. Albeit often unthinkingly and unconsciously.

The purpose of our traditions is really quite clear to me, for example, this from the GD Equinox Ceremony: “Love expressed towards God, Man and the Universe.” That is it! Other traditions, Rosicrucian or not, express the exact sentiment, such as the Inner Light vow to receive the hidden knowledge in order to serve.

I agree that the ideals of the Rosicrucian Manifestos are not possible within an Order or person valorising the right side of the table. I also think they rest on more God-centred approach, traditionally through Trinitarian Christian mysteries, than most in the modern magical community are willing to engage in.


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